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China Permanent Residence Visa - D Visa

Permanent Residence Visa(D-visa)is issued to a foreign citizen who has been approved by China’s public security authority to reside in China permanently.


i. Please provide the following documents:

     (i) Original passport which has more than 9 months left before it expires from the date of application and at least 2 blank visa pages and a photocopy of their current passport (photo page only). 


     (ii). One completed Visa Application Form with a recently-taken colored passport photo (no hat, no veiling) affixed on it. The application form should be fully filled in with genuine information; if the applicant has a Chinese name, the Chinese name should be filled in; false or incomplete information and illegible handwriting may lead to refusal of visa.


     (iii) Applicants who have not been to mainland China, should provide copies of photo page of current passport as well as other ID, e.g. previous passport, driver license, etc. Applicants under 16 can be exempted.    


     (iv) Applicants who have been granted Chinese visa(s) before, should provide copies of recent Chinese visa with entry record. In case they are not on the current passport, copies of the previous passport with the above data are required.


      (v) Foreign nationals who once held Chinese nationality,


     ① who apply for Chinese visa for the first time, should submit the former Chinese passport (the Consulate General will cancel its validity), HK/Macau SAR passport, Taiwan travel document. If they are not available, ID carrying Chinese name issued by Chinese authority e.g. birth certificate, driver license etc. should be provided. Both of the original and the copy are required.


     ② who have been granted Chinese visa(s) before, should do as point "(iv)"  requires.


     (vi) The Original of the Confirmation Form of Alien Permanent Residence Status in China. You or your entrusted relative in China may apply for the form at the public security organ in the place where you intend to reside.



ii. Method for application and time for processing

    (i) Method: An applicant may submit his or her visa application to the Center in person or entrusts someone or a travel agency to submit on his or her behalf. You may book in advance via the Center's website for submission. You may be required to go to the Chinese Consulate General for an interview if the Chinese Consulate General deems it necessary. Applicants can apply visa by postal service as well. 


    (ii) Visa processing time: Regular pick-up time is on the fourth working day. The Center offers express service or rush service. For express service, visa will be ready for collection on the third working day. For rush service, application should be submitted before 12:00 noon and visa is ready for collection on the second working day (after 11:00A.M.). For mail application, the processing time is ten working days (from the day of all the required documents receipt to the day of mailing out).


iii. Visa fee, period of validity and duration of stay


    (i) Pay visa and service fees when collecting passport; Cash,money order,bank cheque,company cheque and credit card (Visa and Master card) are acceptable. No personal cheques. Please make cheques and money orders payable to: CITS V Service Pty Ltd. For mail visa application, only credit card payment will be accepted by providing a completed “Payment Authorization Form".


(ii) D-visa is valid for six months with single entry and 000 duration of stay. D-visa holder should go through formalities for a permanent residence permit within 30 days after entry into China at a local public security authority.


iv. Please note


    (i) Please apply for a visa about one month in advance of your intended date of entry into China, and do not apply three months earlier. You should take upon yourself any consequences resulting from your failure to submit visa application at an appropriate time, which may lead to either your already-issued visa becoming expired or it would be too late to get a visa before your planned departure date.


    (ii) The visa application form should be fully filled in and signed by the applicant upon completion (application for an applicant under 16 years old should be signed by one of his or her parents). Items which are not applicable should be filled in with N/A. 


    (iii) Whether applicants come to the Center by themselves or consign others for the visa application, the applicant should sign on the application form(except the under-16-year-old children). Any information correction by the consignee is supposed to be confirmed by the applicant.


    (iv) Once submitted, the visa application can't be corrected or cancelled. No visa application documents will be returned, therefore, please copy it yourself in advance if necessary. The service fee will be charged by the CVASC regardless of the outcome of the visa application.


    (v) Consular Officers decide on whether a visa is to be issued or not, what type of visa is to be issued, the visa's period of validity, duration of stay and number of entry in the light of China's laws and regulations. Please don't take the collection date specified in your pickup form for granted. The informed date of visa collection is only applied to the general. Consular Officers may request an applicant to provide additional supporting documents or have an interview with the applicant when needed. The applicant should submit them as soon as possible. Therefore, the visa collection date will be postponed as well. Chinese Consulates General and CVASC are not responsible for any related economic losses and legal consequences if your visa application is rejected.