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Xi’an Travel Tips

Xi'an weather


Located in the southern part of the Guan Zhong Plain in Shaanxi Province, weather in Xi’an is mild with four distinct seasons. March to May is the best time of a year to visit Xi’an, usually warm and pleasant. Early autumn running from September to October is also a travel good time.


Spring is comfortable with gentle breezes and warm sunshine. Outdoor activities like climbing Lishan Mountain or enjoying cherry blossoms at Green Dragon Temple could be enjoyable.


Summer is hot and humid. Xian is one of the major 'stove' cities in China with the hottest month of the year. Indoor attractions like the Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses or the Shaanxi History Museum are good choices at this time.


Autumn runs from September to October. The weather can also be overcast and a bit cool. Long-sleeved shirts or a sweater and light coat are recommended.


Winter in Xi’an is dry and cold with frequent snow. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of 0 C (32 F). The annual held Lantern Festival on Xi’an City Wall in middle January or February is of great fun.


Night life


A good place to spend a night in Xi’an is the Bell Tower Square. In the evening both the Bell Tower and Drum Tower are illuminated. You can find a lot of traditional Chinese restaurants and bright modern shopping malls.


Defu Lane surrounded by stylish buildings is definitely a good place to have a drink. Over twenty bars, cafes and teahouses grouped there, and each has a distinct style and an intriguing name such as Roman Holiday, Blue Heart, Captain, Old Tree, etc. An archway signifies the entrance to the lane and can be found on Fen Xiang, Nan Dajie.


If you are into clubs with hot music and dance, the best choice should be 1+1 Disco Bar with unlimited fun. About a kilometer from the Bell Tower at No 285 Dong Dajie, the bar is decorated in a trendy style with a hint of 'heavy metal', which is rare in similar bars in Xi’an. Besides dancing and hang out with your friends, you could also enjoy a variety of shows provided by the bar.


KTV, an activity extremely popular in Asia is highly recommended. Real Love Situated in Nan Erhuan Lu is one of the best-known and most popular luxury KTV in Xian. Another venue where young people like to party is the Xialudi KTV, on the 4th Floor of No. 23 Yanta Bei Lu.




Souvenir Markets

Apart from the featured streets of Shuyuan Gate and Moslem Street, you can also find several nice souvenir markets in Xi’an to buy the unique artworks as souvenirs, including Antique Market, Wenbaozhai Tour Shopping Center and Peasant Painting Gallery.


Commercial Centers

Bell & Drum Tower Commercial Centre: There are four famous streets in Xian -- East Street, South Street, North Street and West Street. They belong to the Bell Tower Commercial Area which is the most important in the city. You can find several big department stores and supermarkets there.


Department Stores

There are plenty of departmental stores in the city, offering products ranging from fashions, cosmetics, jewelries to household electrical equipments. World famous brands with high quality products are available in most of those department stores. They mainly centralize at Bell Tower area, Gaoxin area and Jiefanglu area.

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