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Small Goose Pagoda

Why is the Small Goose Pagoda special?


The Small Goose Pagoda is a typical Buddhist pagoda of tight tiles to the west of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. This 13-storey and multi-eave brick structure in Xi’an is so elegant and beautiful that almost all the multi-eave pagodas built of stones and bricks followed its model.


The width of the pagoda tapers off from bottom to top, taking on a sleek cone shape. It is called Small Goose Pagoda because it was constructed later and the scale was smaller than that of the Great Goose Pagoda.



Small Goose Pagoda Highlights


Yanta Tower Morning Bell
"Yanta Tower Morning Bell", the 8000 kilogram iron bell made in 1192 (the 3rd year of the Jin Mingchang Era), is 3.55 meters high, its edge diameter is 2.5 meter. Since the Qing Kangxi Era, it has been regarded as one of "Guan zhong ba jing" (the 8 sights inside the pass) for the melody of the bell sound because the monks in the temple beat the bell according not only to the correct time, but also to the tune.

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