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Mausoleum of Western Han Emperor Liu Qi (Hanyangling)

Why is Hanyangling Museum special?


Hanyangling Museum of the Han dynasty, being the first underground museum, was built for exhibiting, protecting and studying the relics unearthed from the mausoleum of Han Emperor Liu Qi and his Queen, Wang Shi.


How were the art works made? Han figurines were first modeled as nude bodies, then painted with hair and skin, fitted with movable wooded arms and hands, and finally covered with beautiful clothes before being buried. Over the centuries, the clothing was damaged and the wooden arms rotted. But the colors remain as bright as when they were first painted.



Hanyangling Museum Highlights


Underground Exhibition Hall
What makes the Museum unique is the underground exhibition hall, where visitors can watch how the workers do their jobs without doing any harm to the relics on the large glass floor, which will make the visiting quite an experience.


Simulation Archaeology
The museum may also attract a lot of visitors because of its program: simulation archaeology. With some extra fee and pre-booking, visitor can experience the archaeological excavation.


Three hundred meters southeast of the mausoleum stands a piece of stone shaped like a mill stone and topped with a cross. The local people call it Luopanshi, while others hold that the stone was a sundial showing the time for the tomb-keeper to offer sacrifices to the deceased Emperor.

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