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Wutaishan Overview

Located in Wutai County, Shanxi Province, Wutai Mountain is one of Four Sacred Mountains in China. Wutai Mountain consists of five main peaks positioned east, south, west, north, and in the middle. Each peak’s top is as flat as a platform, hence comes its name Mountain with Five Platforms. It is also the highest point in altitude in Northern China.


For hundreds of years, Wutai Mountain has been China's most sacred Buddhist ground mainly because it was where the highly revered Manjusri, the Bodhisattva of wisdom, once lived and taught Buddhism. Furthermore, Wutai Mountain is China's only holy mountain where both Chinese Buddhism and Tibetan Lamaism are practiced.


There are now 42 intact ancient temples on the Mountain including the Nanchan Temple, Xiantong Temple and Tayuan Temple.

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