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Tuyugou is located 55 km to the east of Turpan, Xinjiang Autonomous Region. Dinggu Valley which is the folk custom and culture zone in the Tuyugou Canyon, Thousand-Buddha Cave, Mazha Tomb and Ancient Village are the four main attractions in the Tuyugou Canyon.


Why the Tuyugou is special


Tuyugou is considered one the most mysterious place in the west China. It is a land with old Western China civilizations of religions and histories. It always impresses tourists for its remote location, mysterious atmosphere, and natural landscape. The Tuyugou Canyon is also a holy land for Muslims from home and abroad. It is now an attraction for scholars in the fields of religion, history, culture and art as well as for artists of painting and photographing.


Tuyugou highlights


Mazha Village


Mazha Village has been named the historical and cultural village in China. It is the habitat of oldest Uygur ethnic group with over 1700 years of history. Up till now, Uygur customs and habits are still well preserved and kept among villagers. In the village, the old earthen architectures are still bright and gorgeous.


Thousand-Buddha Cave


Tuyugou Canyon was once the holy land of Buddhism and Islam. The Thousand-Buddha Cave in Tuyugou Canyon is 15 kilometers to the east of the south slope of the Flaming Mountain. There were ninety-four caves there. Now there are 45 caves. 21 caves are in the east side of the canyon and 24 caves are in the west side of the canyon.


Besides for the profound history and culture, the natural landscape there is special and beautiful. Visitor may take a car to appreciate the Gobi desert stretching into the horizon along the road, the scenery can be called magnificent and gorgeous. Visitors may also be impressed by the traditional life style, such as locals making dried melon strips one by one. Water in the canyon is clear and fruits there are very sweet. These all make your journey fascinating and unforgettable.


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