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Jiaohe Ruins

Why are Jiaohe Ruins special?


Jiaohe Ruins are the oldest and best preserved ancient ruined city in China and has become one of key historical sites under state protection since 1961. Most of the architectures, dating from Tang Dynasty, have their own unique features and also remain the characteristics of ancient times. Besides, lots of precious cultural relics are found in Jiaohe Ruins including mural paintings by famous painters.


Jiaohe Highlights


Ancient Architecture


In Jiaohe ancient city, there was a long main street that went down the center of the islet that divided the city into two parts. The western part was for common people, called residential area, and the rulers lived in the east. On the northwest side, there is a Buddhist monastery and a big tower that is one of the biggest remaining ruins. Since Jiaohe Ruins are the best preserved ancient city in China, the style of buildings are strongly influenced by those especially in Tang Dynasty. The unique techniques that used in these ancient architectures show the wisdom and creativity of workers at that time.

Cultural relics


Researchers found a lot of historical relics both in the buildings and underground. Recently, archaeologist dug the ground and found lots of precious relics like Sea Pearls and Buddha's relics. And a lot of mural paintings of famous painters like Wu Guanzhong are discovered in those areas. The rich treasury of mural paintings indicates that the techniques used here are quite similar to those in Dunhuang mural paintings.

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