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Yufeng Lamasery

Why is Yufeng Lamasery Special?


Yufeng Lamasery is situated at the southern foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Originally built in the Qing Dynasty, the temple is one of five significant temples in Lijiang. It is renowned for its ancient forests clustered around and the “King Camellia”.


Yufeng Lamasery Highlights



The whole complex of the Yufeng Lamasery shows a unique architectural style by combining together the beauty of Han Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism and the local Naxi Dongba Religions.


Camellia tree

The old camellia tree is known world wide as "the king of camellia." It is said that the camellia tree here is more than 500 years old, planted in the Ming Dynasty before the temple was built.


Actually it is a combination of two different breeds of camellia. They were engrafted in one and now have grown into a huge tree with the crown shading the whole courtyard. In the eyes of the Naxi, the Great Camellia is the symbol of true love.


Late spring and early summer are the best times to enjoy the ravishing views since the famous camellia tree is in full blossom in this period. They have about 1000 flowers around and during the blossoming season each flower blooms 10 times. Therefore it got the name “tree of 10,000 blooms”.


Naxi mosaic

Below the tree there is a well-preserved Naxi mosaic. Made up of dark and light pebbles, this mosaic is similar in style to many in the area. The central motif is the symbol of longevity, bordering this are bats - a totem animal for the Naxi.

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