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Lijiang Transportations

Travelers usually prefer to transfer to Lijiang via Kunming by air or by long-distance buses. Besides, the airport also provides shuttles to send passengers to the downtown, while the railway is not available there.



Most visitors prefer to fly to Kunming first, and then get to Lijiang by air or by long-distance bus. Kunming Wujiaba International Airport provides more domestic and international services. When arriving at Lijiang Airport, you can get to the downtown by airport shuttle bus or by taxi.


City Transportation

No vehicles are allowed to enter the ancient town, and all taxis and buses are in the new city.



Lijiang has a good public bus system. You can take a bus to most of the streets in the city. The biggest bus station is at the Intersection of Mains Road and Changshui Road. The main bus station has both express and normal buses. Regular and express buses run in the daytime and long-distance sleeper buses run at night. There are more than 10 bus lines running in Lijiang City, connecting every corner of the new district.



Lijiang has about one thousand taxis. Smaller cars are CNY 6 for the first 3 km and CNY per 1.6 km thereafter. Bigger cars like Santana are CNY 7 for the first 3 km and CNY 1.8 per km thereafter. Generally speaking, you can bargain for a reasonable price with the driver if you just travel in the urban area. If you want to go to a further destination, the car can be rented cheaply except during the tourist peak season.



The old city of Lijiang prohibits vehicles from coming in, bicycles are also forbidden in the old town. Many people hire bikes to travel to nearby villages and to visit some of the scenic spots in the area. Renting a bike to travel around the county is a good option. You can go to Red Sun Square to rent one with a fee of 15 RMB/ per day.

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