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Dongba Culture Museum

Why is Dongba Culture Museum Special­

Founded in 1984, the museum has a collection of over 10,000 antique items that are great in cultural and historical value, including 42 items at national level and more than 2,500 items as Dongba cultural relics. It is the biggest cultural relic museum for Dongba.


Dongba Culture Museum Highlights

The major attractiveness of Dongba Culture Museum is the arch Naxi Courtyard that has taken the best advantages of the mountain and waters surrounding it. The museum itself is accompanied by the water coming from Jade Spring and natural landscape of Xiangshan Mountain.

So far, 1,500 volumes have been translated at the Dongba Research Center in Dayan. Some have been published. These works are important ethnographic texts, providing some of the only information about the history, language, and social and religious customs of the Naxi people. Established as the main exhibition place for Dongba Culture, Here the tourists can enjoy the introductions about Dongba cultural paintings and characters.

This Museum combines the traditional close display with modern open display, making people get closer to the traditional culture of Naxi. At this museum, tourists can taste the flavor of the Dongba culture by getting in sight to a vivid picture of various kinds of Naxi traditional buildings and Naxi people holding events and religious ceremonies.

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