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Kashgar has been considered an important trading centre since the days of the Silk Road, and still is today. Therefore, Kashgar is a significant transportation center in the Taklamakan Desert, the Northwest China.




Built in 1953, Kashgar Airport is the second largest airport in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. It is convenient to fly from Kashgar to other cities in Xinjiang, such as Urumqi, Hotan, Kuqa and Aksu. The Kashgar Airport also has routine international flights to Pakistan and Kirghizia, etc.




Kashgar is a transportation hub in western China and it has the westernmost railway station in the country. It is connected to the rest of China's rail network via the Southern Xinjiang Railway, which was built in December 1999. There are daily trains running between Kashgar and Urumqi.




Highways branch out to all directions of Kashgar. Kashgar International Bus Station is located on Jie Fang Nan Lu. From the station, visitors can go to other cities in and around Xinjiang. Beisides, the Karakorum highway (KKH) links Islamabad, Pakistan with Kashgar over the Khunjerab Pass.

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