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Haikou Overview

Haikou is Hainan Island’s capital city which is located at the north edge of the island. Haikou is becoming a new international tourist resort city with all kinds of the tropical culture and scenery. Haikou owns hundreds of modern hotels, resorts and spa, numerous international top-level designed golf courses, sailing clubs, together with many luxury plazas and mansions practically make the city a fascinating destination.



Haikou is firstly a cultural tourism destination. In the history many politicians and literary giants were degraded to remove here. They left enormous articles and poems with their strong logical thought and royal spirit. One after another those giants established the schools for local education and brought new techniques to the island. Most worth to go cultural place of Haikou include the Dongpo Academy, which was built in 1098 during the Northern Song Dynasty in memorial of Su Dongpo (a well-known Chinese litterateur), the Tomb of Hai Rui which is a key national cultural protection site in Haikou. Hai Rui was a compassionate and popular official of Hainan who lived during the Ming Dynasty, Xitian Temple which was originally built in the Ming Dynasty, and the Temple of Five Lords.



Haikou is secondly, but most attractive for its eco-friendly environment. The air quality in Hainan has become an attraction to tourists across the nation. The average thickness of PM2.5 in Haikou was 25.6 micrograms per cubic meter in 2013, out-ranking the air quality seen in the 73 other sampled cities nationwide. Visitors who go to Haikou are greeted by a breeze of warm, fresh air immediately when they take off the airplane. There in Hainan, the clear, blue sky must delight you greatly. 

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