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Good appetite in Haikou

One of the best bonuses to travel to a new place is to savor its local food, especially at a place like tropical island Hainan. The cooking style of Haikou is not considered sophisticated. However, blessed by its abundant culinary resources, Hainan is creative with dishes and snacks, making full use of ingredients from coconut, seafood, snails to herbs.


It is said that a tourist need never go hungry in Haikou. Here we introduce some food you must try in Haikou



Hainan Chicken Rice


Hainan Chicken Rice is one of the most popular dishes originated from Hainan. It is now an international dish that is very popular in Southeast Asia, especially Singapore. The secret of cooking Hainan Chicken Rice lies in Wenchang chicken, fed on banyan seeds that are only found in Wenchang city of Hainan.


Fresh seafood


Seafood is abundant in Haikou. With year-round sea fish, crab, shrimp, oyster, clam, and mussel to keep the stomach busy, visitors need not to think about instant noodles or a regular menu.


Hainan snacks


Use of rice and coconut highlights many of Hainan's snacks. Haikou people are used to eat rice noodles for breakfast. In Haikou, you will find sticky rice pair well with coconut in many delightful chewy snacks, for example, yezifan (sticky rice in coconut) and yiba (glutinous coconut rice cake wrapped with banana leaf), and dried coconut pieces.


Haikou style dessert


You could find various desserts in Haikou from ice creams, creamy puddings to fruity smoothies. Besides, you must try qingbuliang, a cool local sweet and cold dessert soup served in a glass bowl. This tropical snack contains chilled coconut milk with ice, watermelon dice, pineapple, raisins, sweet potato and jujube.


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