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The public transportation in Datong is well developed. Intercity buses and taxis are available for local transportation, and various trains and airlines connect the city to many major cities in and out of China. 



Transport between Datong Airport and the urban area is convenient by the shuttle bus or taxi. The shuttle bus heading for the airport starts in front of the Continental Hotel at No.88 Binxi Street of Yingbin Road (West) in Datong City.


In addition to the Datong Airport, Taiyuan Wusu Airport is the nearest airport available to Datong acting as a transfer station for the trip to Datong. There is no bus directly heading for Datong at the Wusu Airport but you have to take the Bus No. 201 in front of Wusu Airport and alight at the Taiyuan Railway Station or the Taiyuan Long-distance Bus Station at No.72 Yingze Dajie in Taiyuan City. In the square at the Taiyuan Railway Station or in Taiyuan Long-distance Bus Station, there are buses heading for Datong available.



The railways radiate in all directions within China, since Datong is the main coal producing city in China and the coal is mainly transported by train. From here, trains connect with 25 cities in China including Beijing, Guangzhou, Xian, Hangzhou and Taiyuan. 10 passenger trains start in Datong Railway Station and the other stops over it and head for Beijing, Hangzhou, and Taiyuan.



Long-distance Bus

Three passenger transport stations are available in Datong City: Datong Bus Station, Datong North Passenger Transport Station and the Datong Xinnan Passenger Transport Station.



There are 36 bus routes in Datong City which form a large network making all the parts of the city easy to reach. City-buses in Datong have two types of charging standards. One is self-service with a fare of CNY 1. The other charges according to the distance you propose to take. The minimum fare is CNY 1 for the first 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) and CNY 0.5 for each additional 5 kilometers (3.1 miles).



At present, the highway from Datong to Beijing has been completed, named Jing Da Highway. The national highways 108, 109, 208, 209 and immense amount of interprovincial trunks compose into a net.



Over 6000 taxies now run in the streets of Datong City, and the minimum fare is CNY 6 for the first 3 kilometers (1.9 miles).

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