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Datong Overview

Located in the northern part of Shanxi Province, Datong is the second largest city in the province and well known as the “City of the Coal”, a leading coal-production center.


Datong is one of the 24 famed historical and cultural cities in China thanks to its ever profound history, which can be dated back to 2,400 years ago. Such prosperous history leaves this city with fabulous historical and cultural relics. Yungang Grottoes are an apparent example, a cluster of caves brimming with over 51,000 Buddhist sculptures.


Thanks to its abundant mineral resources, mainly coal, Datong now makes great contribution to this country’s GDP. Coal mining is the dominant industry.


Tourism in Datong also enjoys booming development. As a city surrounded by natural scenery, Datong perfectly presents breathtaking sites combing natural beauty and historical construction. Mountain Heng is one of China’s five most sacred mountains, on which locates the 1,400-year-old, gravity-defying Hanging Monastery. Other well-known spots include Shanhua Temple, Wooden Pagoda and Nine-Dragon Screen.

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