Kashgar Bazaar, the Biggest Market in Central Asia

By Rosie Wu, Spet 28, 2011

Kashgar Bazaar is renowned as the biggest market in Central Asia. The bazaar is officially called the Middle and West Asia International Trade Market. It covers an area of more than 250 mu (about 41 acres), and nearly all kinds of goods can be found here.


Bazaar is a word comes from the Uygur language, which means the market and trade place. The bazaar is a unique type of trade found in Xinjiang with a history of more than 2,000 years. In the past, bazaar was only held on Sundays. Nowadays, it has been divided into two sections, one is livestock district that is only open on Sundays and the other is ordinary district especially busy on Sundays although open every day.



Kashgar Bazaar is famous for its great variety of goods and commodities. Wandering in the fair, you can enjoy and buy things like general merchandise, handicrafts, livestock, local specialties, vegetables, coat, and second hand items as well as many other kinds of things from cattle and horses to needle and thread. Since Khunjerab Pass and Tuergate Port were opened, a large number of foreign merchants have come with a great deal of goods. Thus, arts and crafts from Pakistan, scarves from Turkey, dry fruits from Saudi Arabia can be bought at a reasonable price here. Moreover, you can experience an ancient peculiar trade form - barter.


There is a huge amount of bazaars in Kashgar, but the most famous one is near the east gate of Kashgar. Every Sunday, heavy traffic and huge crowds of people make this bazaar extremely lively. It is no doubt a great place for you to taste the most distinctive and authentic folk-customs of the Xinjiang.