Jiuzhaigou Valley, a World of Fairy-Tale

By 15, Mar, 2011

Remember the crystal clear water in Hero, nominated for best foreign film at the Oscars­ Much of the filming took place at Jiuzhaigou Valley, a place recognized in the Chinese mind as Heaven on earth.


It is a gift bestowed by nature in Sichuan, one of China's southwestern provinces. Jiuzhaigou Valley is known for its many multi-level waterfalls and colorful lakes, and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.


It is said that the Jiuzhaigou Valley (Jiuzhai means nine villages) was named after the nine villages contained in the vast nature reserve. Legend has it that long long ago, a beautiful Goddess received a mirror from her lover. The goddess was so excited that she dropped the mirror, smashing it into 108 small pieces. Over the centuries those pieces gave birth to 108 wonderful lakes.


Five-Colored Lake

There is a fairy tale in ancient China that the princess of heaven has a five-colored lake called Yaochi in her palace. In Jiuzhaigou Valley you can see that lake of legend. You may catch a glimpse of the water, which sparkles in a kaleidoscope of sky blues, light greens, yellows, grays, pinks and blues.



Jiuzhaigou Valley is a paradise surrounded by mountains, with tranquil lakes like pearls. But the quietness is sometimes broken by the waterfalls, which take you to another world. The waterfalls of Jiuzhaigou are like green looms weaving different silks. Varying in shape, some are like dragons, some like snow and some like pearls. The sun often casts rainbows across their fronts.


The Changhai Sea

A large lake located at an altitude of 3000 meters, Changhai, is 'the King of the Lakes' surrounded by snow year round. In spring and autumn, the lake reflects the mountain snow or the maple trees. In winter the lake freezes into a spectacle of icy beauty.


Colorful Forest

Colorful Forest is something you can't miss. The forest is characterized by more than 2000 different plants, beautiful flowers, lovely grass and numerous rare species. In deep autumn, orange trees, golden yellow birches and red maples flourish in warm autumnal glory. In winter, the forest becomes a twinkling wonderland of grace and elegance.