Huangshan Transportation

The public transportation in Huangshan is well developed. Intercity buses and taxis are available for local transportation, and various trains and airlines connect the city to many major cities in and out of China.

Situated in the west suburb of Huangshan city, Huangshan Airport is 71km from Mt. Huangshan. The newly built airport is obviously modern and equipped with 21 routes linking Huangshan and Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Hefei. Besides, over 40 chartered flights from Huangshan to Hong Kong are formulated every week and the number will increase to over 90 during the busy season.

Railway is a more convenient and comfortable choice for those who take medium and long-distance travels. Mt. Huangshan has two railways, the Ning-Tong Railway in the north and Wan-Gan (Anhui-Jiangxi) in the east. There are 6 pairs of trains, one limited express trains (Huangshan-Nanjing), four expresses (Huangshan-Changzhou, Hefei-Xiamen, Shanghai-Yingtan, Nanking west- Jingdezhen), and one accommodation trains.

Taking a bus can easily approach Huangshan from big cities such as Hangzhou and Shanghai. The buses taking the path of China’s newly completed super highway are even more convenient, faster, smooth riding and cleaner. It is a wise choice to take the new way for tourists from Shanghai and Hangzhou.

Most taxis in the city are air-conditioned and available 24 hours a day, except some countryside. 4 or 5 persons can take one taxi and so share the fees.


From Beijing to Huangshan
At present, you can get to Huangshan City from Beijing either by train or by flight. It takes you only about 2 hours by flight while it takes you about 20 hours by train. On the other hand, train is much cheaper than airplane
In general, there is no discount for flight tickets of this air route


From Shanghai to Huangshan
There is a daily flight from Shanghai to Huangshan or vice versa. It takes one hour.
By train, It takes you about 12 hours to get to Huangshan City.
One of the advantages of the night train (Train K8419 departing Shanghai at 17:49 and arriving at Huangshan City at 09:05) is that it saves you the cost of one night accommodation and allows you a full day exploration of the fantastic scenery up Yellow Mountains after your arrival.


From Hangzhou to Hushang
At present, bus is the only means of transportation between Hangzhou and Huangshan City. It is 250km between Hangzhou and Tunxi (downtown of Huangshan City), about 2.5 hours s drive on the way,


From Xi'an to Huangshan
There is no direct flight from Xi’an to Huangshan. You can reach Shanghai, Hangzhou or Hefei from Xi'an first. From those places, you can get to Huangshan either by flight or by bus. While Shanghai and Hefei have air connections with Huangshan


From Guilin to Huangshan
There is no direct flight from Gulin to Huangshan. Here are 2 choices:
1.Take flight from Guilin to Shanghai, then fly from Shanghai to Huangshan City;
2.Take flight to Huangzhou first, and then take bus from Hangzhou to Huangshan City.