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Tengchong Overview

Tengchong is a famous town of overseas Chinese, ‘state excelling in poems, manners and music’, which is a small and delicate border county in Yunnan Province. The geographical location of Tengchong is of great importance, which is necessary to enter Burma, India and Thailand from southwestern China. 


There are many attractions in Tengchong, which mainly include Heshun Old Town, Volcano Park, Tengchong Hot Sea, Beihai Wetland, Guoshangmuyuan, Dieshuihe Waterfall, and Aisiqi Former Residence.


The whole area around Tengchong is volcanic and geothermy, evident from the fantastic landscape of volcanoes and hot springs. Tengchong Hot Sea covers an area of 9 kilometer squares, with abundant hot springs. Many sanatorium and bathroom are offered here. Tourists could take a bath in the hot springs and enjoy themselves.


The taste of the local food in Tengchong is unique, which is totally different from ‘Dian Taste’ (Yunnan Taste), very delicious and refreshing. For example, ‘Tuguozi’ (a kind of special hot pot in Tengchong) and ‘Dajiujia’ (a kind of pastry fried with sliced meat, egg, carrots and tomatoes) are the famous local food in Tengchong which you must taste.


For tourists who are interested in traditional Chinese handicrafts, the ‘Dushi Booth’ is suggested to be a good place to hang out. There are a variety local produces there, such as rattan produces, embroidery in Tengchong, and the farmer draws. Besides, although Tengchong is not the birth land of jade, it becomes the biggest center of jade in the southeast area due to its advantaged geographic location. Tengchong has a long history of jade machining with more than 500 years, and people say ‘Gold has value; jade is invaluable’ because the workers there devote themselves to decorate the jade.


As an ancient border town with amazing natural landscapes and profound culture, it is eye-opening from your first step into Tengchong. There are many places for you to discover and experience in such an exclusive county. Tengchong is waiting for you to visit!

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