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Dieshuihe Waterfall

Why Dieshuihe Waterfall is special­


Dieshuihe Waterfall of Tengchong is one of the twelve scenic spots in Tengchong, and is the only volcano barrier waterfall located in the city of China. It lies 1 kilometer west to Tengchong County, so getting there is quick and easy and making it a good place to add to a day trip itinerary.


Dieshuihe Waterfall Highlights


The waterfall leaps down over a precipice of about 40 meters high at the outlet of Daying River. Water of Daying River flows across Tengchong basin from north to south and suddenly falls down from the huge cliff and forms the grand waterfall. You can take a short hike down some steep stair to get closer to the waterfalls. And you could easily see the rainbow formed by the water vapors during the sunny days.


Above the waterfall is the famous Taijiqiao Bridge, which was constructed in 1911 by Zhang Wenguang, a senior officer in Western Yunnan. Standing on the bridge, you could appreciate the waterfalls from another angle. Opposite to the waterfall, there is a waterfall-viewing balcony built in Ming Dynasty. And this is a good place to review the history of Tengchong.

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