Shanghai - Hong Kong / Hong Kong - Shanghai

There is one pair of trains running between Shanghai and Hong Kong every other day, which are T trains (Express Train). (Know more about Chinese Train Categories). The distance between the two cities is 1,991 kilometers. The one-way trip takes about 18.5 hours.


Train T99B (Q99) runs from Shanghai to Hong Kong, and train T100B (Q100) goes from Hong Kong to Shanghai. In 2012 Train T99B (Q99) runs Shanghai-Hong Kong on odd-numbered dates in January, March, June, July, September, October and on even-numbered dates in February, April, May, August, November, December. And T100B (Q100) is just the opposite in terms of the even/odd-numbered dates.


The trains run between Shanghai Station and Hong Kong Hung Hom Railway Station (also known as Kowloon Station). The Chinese refers to this station as 'Jiulong' Station, which is written on train destination boards.


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Recommended Trains

From Shanghai to Hong Kong


T99B (Q99) leaves from Shanghai Station at 18:20 and arrives in Hong Kong Kowloon at 12:56 the next afternoon.


From Hong Kong to Shanghai


T100B (Q100) leaves from Hong Kong Kowloon at 15:15 and arrives in Shanghai Station at 10:08 the next morning.


Facilities on Board

The train has hard seats, hard sleepers, soft sleepers, and deluxe soft sleepers that are two-berth sleeper cabins with a private bathroom. (Know more about Classes of Seat & Sleeper). The train also has a restaurant car.


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