Huangguoshu Waterfall in Anshun, China’s Largest Waterfall

By Jerry Wang, Oct 8, 2011

As is customary for me, my plans made a sudden change. Instead of heading north and staying in Sichuan Province.. I head south for Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province. I don't want to talk about Guiyang though. I only spent a few days there. Instead I want to talk about Anshun.


Anshun is a "town" of a few million I am sure. I am only here as a stopover to see some of the superlatives that China has on offer. The largest waterfall in China.


Huangguoshu waterfalls are China’s premier waterfalls, with the most impressive having a width of 81 meter and dropping 74 meter. It’s very noticeable that tourism isn’t booming in Guizhou: I saw only 6 other tourists in the whole park, all Chinese. The park reminded me of a small version of Jiuzhai Gou in Sichuan province but with only a fraction of the tourists, so even though it’s much smaller I enjoyed it more.



The park in itself has much more to offer than just the falls. You start this 3 hours trek with a walk through a bonsai garden where over thousands of those are displayed. And then you start the climb up and down up to the moment when you reach the river and start to see the Huangguoshu waterfalls. Those are said to be the biggest in China and indeed they are quite impressive! The mountains, falls, river and a slight mist made of this instant something quite magical.


As you get closer, you can then see a path leading to a natural cave that allows you to walk right behind the falls. First time for us and got to say that the walk behind this water curtain was really unique. Not only you get to see the entire valley through the water but also you get to experience how powerful to water actually is. Spent some time there enjoying the scenery and then kept walking on the other side of the river toward the exit.